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This mistress hates people who have no respect for others. This guy thought he was strong and that he could do what he wanted and get away with it. He tried to mess with her but he regretted it as she did not give him the chance. She turned on him and she cruelly head locked him and sleeper held him. He tried to free himself but her choke hold was vice like and he could not break free. He panicked and pissed his pants.

Mistress Skylar disagreed with this guy and instead of him doing it respectfully like she did, he called her names. She was pissed and did not know where that came from. But she was not going to take it lying down so she caught him off guard and she threw him down. She crushed him with her choke hold and she head locked him a well. She wrestled him and smothered him till he cried like a little girl.

Mistress Kara is a strong mistress but she does not like to show it off. This guy pissed her off thinking he was strong and could do anything to her. But she turned it on him and she punished him cruelly. She leg scissored him and choked him with her strong arms. He could not get out of her choke hold and he cried and begged her to let him go.

This mistress wanted to prepare her wrestler for the competition so she did not arrange for him to wrestle anyone in preparation. She wanted to be his match. He laughed and did not think she was serious. But when they started wrestling, he realized she was stronger and better than anyone he had ever faced. She even strangled him and he could not break free from it. She let him go after his pissed on himself. He learned never to underestimate an opponent.

When it comes to discipline, this mistress does not compromise. She noticed that her slave was becoming indisciplined and she could not standby and watch. She had to nip the problem in the bud. So she cruelly punished him and he cried as she head locked him and strangled him with her leg scissor. He did not think she was capable of that but he nearly peed his pants then realized she was serious.

When mistress Ariel realized that her slave had betrayed her, she had to show him what she does to people who betray her. She humiliated him and did it as cruelly as she could. She scissor held him and used her mixed martial arts training to beat the crap out of him. She degraded him badly and by the time she was through with him, he had learned a new side of her he never knew.

This mistress does not like people who do not keep their word. She had an appointment with this guy and he did not honor it. Subsequently, she lost a deal she had and she had to punish him for it. She cruelly did so by choking him using her choke hold and her sleeper hold. He was shocked as he had never been punished for his behavior before. She made him smell her ass before letting him go.

Mistress Kristiana wanted to make sure that her slave learned his lesson. He was beginning to forget what she had taught him and she was not happy about it. She had to punish him and she did. She cruelly tortured him using her legs by sleeper holding him. She made sure he not only apologized but also he was humiliated and in pain. She let him go with a warning.

Lady Xifeng was not happy with her boyfriend for having a wandering eye. She had to make it stop so she punished him. He had never faced consequences for it before with any of his former girlfriends. But she was not one to settle for less and she punished him cruelly. She choked him between her thighs and made sure he cried and begged for mercy promising not to do it again.

Mistress Lara and mistress Manu were fighting because of a guy. Each one believed that the man was his and wanted the other to keep off. The name calling soon degenerated into a fight and a tough one at that. The mistresses head locked each other, sleeper held each other and even crushed and smothered each other but no one was prepared to lose. So they had to settle for a draw and let the guy choose.

Mistress Kristiana wanted this guy to apologize for what he had done. But he was too proud and he did not apologize. She was pissed and had to punish him for what he had done. She cruelly forced him to apologize by head locking him and sleeper holding him. She choked him and he had to lose his pride and beg for mercy before apologizing for what he had done.

Mistress Kristiana wanted to wrestle this guy. He was too proud of himself and he made other people uncomfortable at the gym. Something had to be done. She did not tell him she wanted to wrestle him. She surprised him and used her martial arts techniques to humiliate him. She held him in a strong sleeper hold and choke hold and he could not break free. He had to beg to be let go.

Mistress Ariana wanted this guy to learn his lesson the hard way. She had tried to make him learn the easy way but he did not seem to learn anything. She tied his hands behind his back and sat on his back. She then choke held him, sleeper held him and head locked him. She nearly choked him as he was helpless and could not defend himself. She told him if he did not change, he would only have himself to blame.

Mistress Ariel had had enough of this guy and it was time to teach him a lesson. She had to do it the hard way or else he would not learn anything. She used her strong arms to choke him using a choke hold. She then used her head lock skills and she brutally humiliated him till he cried and begged for mercy. She let him go after she felt it was enough.

Mistress Teodora wanted to prepare her athlete for a fight and she felt he was not ready. She was too tough for him and she told him he would meet tougher opponents than her. They made good progress but the last thing he had to do before she felt he was ready was to break free from her sleeper hold and her choke hold. She head locked him and choked him and for days, trained him how to break free.

Mistress Nikki hates bullies and does all she can to make sure they stop being bullies. She found out this guy was a bully and she had to ensure he stopped being one. She had to degrade him as he felt he was strong since he worked out and was muscular. She choke held him and he could not break free from her choke hold. He shed tears as he choked and gasped for air. She released him and warned him against bullying.

Mistress Ariana did not like how her slave was becoming lazy. He ate a lot but he did little with the energy he got from that food. She had to humiliate and punish him and she did it today when she sleeper held him and headlocked him. He was surprised she was very strong. He tried to break free of her choke holds but was unable. He begged her to forgive him promising never to be lazy again.

Mistress Lilu did not like how this girl disrespected her man. Her man did not mind but she did. She had to do something about it so she went behind her man's back and fought the girl. She humiliated her by sleeper holding her and choking her with all her might. When she was done, she told her to never again mess with her man again if she wanted peace.

This mistress did not like how rude this guy was to her. She tried to ignore him but it was like he was out to annoy and ridicule her. She was pissed beyond words so she stormed out. When she realized that he was not changing, she decided to confront him and that was when she used her sleeperhold fetish on her and nearly choked him. The punishment worked and he changed.

Steve is going to find out what it is like to be held in a very painful position for a long time. His mistress is going to make sure that she uses all of her wrestling techniques to dominate him. She loves to make sure that he knows helpless, but she also loves to really put him in a mean chokehold that is going to restrict all of the blood to his brain.

A slave will find out just how painful wrestling with a beautiful woman can be. This particular woman has a great deal of experience with wrestling. She knows how to do multiple positions that can be considered very brutal. One of her favorite things to do is a headlock, because she wants her slave to know that he is nothing more than a pathetic loser that deserves all of the pain inflicted.

Steve never anticipated wrestling with a strong woman like Andrea. He is going to be very surprised at how strong she is, but he also is going to be in deep shit. She is going to completely dominate him and he also is going to learn what total humiliation is like. She enjoys making him feel weak and she also likes to make sure that he knows what a hard-core sleeper hold is like.

Poor Steve never realized that wrestling involved being totally humiliated by a petite woman that is dominating him to the fullest extent. He looks very pathetic and he also looks as though he is ready to pass out, because she is so strong. He should have been smarter when he opened his big mouth, because she is going to absolutely brutalize and assault him in every manner possible.

This slave had no idea that the woman he decided to wrestle with is very good. Not only is he going to find out what total domination is all about, but she is going to put him in several painful positions that will make him feel humiliated. She loves to dominate a slave using her strong legs, and she also loves to verbally tell a slave just how stupid he is.

This lovely mistress is going to have a wonderful time showing off her amazing body. She has always been very athletic and she also loves to lift weights. Getting the chance to brutalize a slave is always welcome to her. She is going to make sure the slave feels a great deal of pain when she is dominating him. Her plan is to kick his ass and make him feel stupid.

Steve is finding out that he is no match for a powerful woman. As a matter of fact he is quite pathetic and the ultimate loser. He should have known better than to challenge a mistress that knows how to wrestle. She has a great deal of experience, so domination and turning his face red is going to be a complete pleasure for her. She loves to humiliate him and laugh at him.

The funny about Steve is the fact that he thinks he might be able to deal with wrestling from a girl. He has no idea that he is going to be wrestling a very strong woman that knows how to wrestle professionally. She is going to dominate him in every single way, and show him that he is nothing more than a pathetic loser. She is going to make him pay.

The best thing about this lovely young woman is her ability to wrestle. There are several different things that she is able to do, but one of them is making sure that her slave knows he is going to get his ass kicked. She loves to put him in choker holds and she also loves to make sure he feels completely humiliated. She is one of the best wrestling ladies in the business.

Hard-core wrestling is all this lovely woman knows how to do. She is very physically fit, so when it is time for her to begin wrestling and dominating a situation, she is going to do very well. She loves to put a slave in multiple positions, but her favorite one is to make sure that he is in a painful position that might even put him to sleep. Humiliation is amazing.

Slaves are known for being very pathetic and most of the time ultimate losers. It is always very using to find a slave that is willing to wrestle with a mistress, because he has no idea that he is going to end up injured. A mistress is going to take her time with the slave, because she is going to put him in a choker hold while she is wrestling with him.

Steve is a glutton for punishment because he dared to challenge the very strong and hot blonde Kasie to a wrestling match. She doesn't even let him do a move on her. She quickly moves in and wraps her arm around his neck in a painful choke hold. His face turns red and she squeezes so hard that he can't breathe and she still keeps squeezing harder trying to make him sleep.

Andrea is a very strong mistress with long brunette hair. She has a love for wrestling and takes great pride in showing off all of her maneuvers. She is going to get her loser slaves Steve on the ground with many different wrestling positions, but she really likes to get him to the point where he is right in the face from being choked. She thinks he is so pathetic and quite a loser.

Liz looks amazing as she is abusing her slaves Steve. She has sent to the point where he can't move his legs, he cannot control his arms, and he cannot even move his head. She loves to make it to the point where he cannot speak, because she thinks anything he has to say is really stupid and pointless to even listen to. She is so amused by all of the action.

Liz always welcomes the challenge, especially when it involves her pathetic loser slave named Steve. He has always been really pathetic, and she loves to humiliate him and let him know that he is really weak. Wrestling with Steve has always been more of an amusement to her than anything. She thinks he is so pathetic and weak and putting him in a really tight chokehold has her laughing so hard.

Skylar is a very pretty mistress the looks very sexy and seductive in her tiny bikini. She also has an amazing skill because she is very strong and athletic. She loves to get her slave on the ground using a scissor hold with her strong thighs. She also has him in a very tight headlock. She is so amused at how pathetic he is, because he is unable to get free.

When Kasie decides that it's time to practice, she puts on her black bikini. She has to be comfortable when she takes down her slave. They go into her living room and they start to wrestle. She enjoys putting him down and into different choker holds. She knows they are not the only thing she can do to him but she loves them. She loves choking him to sleep at the end of their wrestling match.

When she gets word that she will be able to train other mistresses in how to wrestle with their slaves, she is really happy. She grabs her strongest slave and takes him to the mat. She enjoys practicing her different moves on him. She loves putting her ass in his face. She also loves choking him until he is red in the face and he has started to lose consciousness.

Nikki Jackson is a gorgeous and sexy girl. And with her gorgeous smile, it is easy to dismiss her as a cute cookie without much else. But if you happen to mess with her, you will regret the day you were born. She wrestles with men and beats them hands down. She can headlock you and hold you in a vice like grip that you will beg and plead to be released.

Jennifer wants to become the best female wrestler there is. As a result, she practices a lot. And she does not practice with women. She practices with men so that they can give her a bigger challenge than the one she will meet. And she overpowers her practice partners with her sleeper holds, choking them in the process and making them surrender with her body scissor moves. She's on the right track.

If you are fighting with a girl, it better not be this girl. Well built and with a bag full of wrestling tricks like sleeper holds, headlocks and body scissors, this girl will not only humiliate you, but she will choke you up and hold you in a vice like grip till you will not only ask for forgiveness, but you will beg and plead for your life unashamedly.

Gia Primo has a grip and a fight in her which is rare to find a mistress. While wrestling with Steve, she headlocked him and choked him with a vice like grip. Not yet done, she scissor held him with her legs and then like an expert, held him in a tight head figure 4. He was red faced with humiliation, but could not do anything against this sexy wrestler.

Liz is a very strong mistress that is going to take out all of her frustrations on her pathetic loser slave boy Steve. She has had enough of his unknowing excuses, therefore she is going to put him in a very painful tight arm choke. Steve should know better than to mess with Liz, especially because she is so strong and powerful. Liz cannot stand Steve's whiny crap.

When it comes time to wrestle a female, a slave must always be ready for all of the punishment and humiliation he is going to endure. A strong female mistresses going to make sure the slave feels as weekend belittled as possible. She could care less if he is in pain or if his face is turning red from all of the brutal torture that she is inflicting upon him.

Strong and tattooed blonde beauty Liz wrestles hard in order to pummel this puny weakling into submission. Her locks and holds dominate him and smother him into the mat until he can barely breathe. After this she proceeds to punish him by sitting on his chest and weighing him down with her hard, well-muscled body until he agrees to happily and willingly become her love slave and do his mistress' bidding.

This is the end of a longer video where she's already has him in a submissive lock. He tries tog et out and take her over, but Nikki Jackson is just too strong and so much better at wrestling than he his, She puts him in a sleeper hold, pin and grapevine.

He thought he could take on this girl in the Americna flag bikini, but he didn't count on how strong Miss Ariel was, and just how good her technique is. As soon as they are on the mat, she has her way with him, putting him in a reverse headlock, scissors, sleeper hold and others

Emily and Maggie were going to have some fun wrestling, but it turned out the be a lot more intense as neither wanted to end up the looser. But Maggie was just a lot stronger hand has her way with the other girl, chocking her hand locking her in a submissive pose

He thinks he can take this blonde chick on the mats, but it turns out that Miss Ariel is a lot stronger than she looks. He tries to get her pinned down, but she twists out of his grasp and pretty soon is dominating him in a sleeper hold.

Ingrid is a very pretty blonde that loves to show her slave that she is the one and only, and she will never let a slave win wrestling. She has very strong legs and can hold her slave into the most painful positions. Ingrid is a very strong mistress babe that will make sure her slave never gets out of line again. She is too sexy for words.

Robin is a very sexy mistress, but she is also terrific at wrestling slaves. She can really take charge and show a slave who is the boss. Robin will put her slave boy into a hardcore and very extreme choke hold with her strong arms. The slave is going to figure out who is the real boss, which is the lovely mistress Robin and all of her strength.

Nikki Fierce is a pretty blonde with a very brutal streak about her. She is able to wrestle with almost anyone and really kick their ass. Nikki will wrestle with her slave and get him into a really fierce choke hold that has him begging her to stop. She is going to be so happy, and be laughing at him being tortured by her firm grip.

Cheyenne Jewel is a very sexy babe with a love for wrestling. She is able to grab a hold of her slave and really kick his ass. She is going to force him into pain positions such as a sleeper hold and lock his body down so he can't move even a little bit. Some of the positions are going to be very painful for her slave.

There are very few times that Amber's slaves will challenge her but when they do, they are shown how powerful she really is. She gets a new slave that doesn't understand why her other slaves do what she says. He decided not to lick her feet the way she trained him so she took her bra off and wrestled him to the couch. She put him in choke holds and figure fours. He learns not to step out of place again.

There are just some women that shouldn't be angered. This brunette mistress is one of those people. As soon as she hears her slave talking when he isn't supposed to, she takes him into the gym. They wrestle but he is quickly caught with his hands behind his back. She twists his neck because he doesn't seem to care. As he gets put into a choke hold, he begins to care. He is turning red from lack of air but he agrees to be good.

There are many things that can be said for a feisty slave. Steve tries to put up a good fight but there is nothing he can do to his mistress. She told him that she would forego his punishment if he could break her choke hold. He flips her but she still holds on to his neck, choking him. She loves grabbing his neck and choking him until he turns red in the face and chest.

There is nothing more exciting to Queen Jennifer than putting her thick legs around her slave's neck. She knows that she has a competition coming up and wants to make sure she wins it. She loves to put her slave in choke holds and put her pussy on his face when she sits on his chest. She flips him into different positions. She really loves to keep him in these positions because it lets him know who the mistress is and his place.

It is lights out for this male slave as the tough wrestler Shannon grabs his neck from behind with a vice grip and puts him to sleep with a great sleeper hold technique. She is able to turn over the big slave on the mat and gets full control of him with her dominating wrestling moves. She leaves the slave red in the face as she deprives him of oxygen

Mistress Ariel X is a sexy brunette mistress with super strong arms that loves to show off her domination skills as she puts her slave down on the mats and wraps her arms around his neck and puts him in a sleeper hold. This sexy mistress does not let up until his face turns red and he is begging for her to let him have some air and even then she does not stop.

Mistress Jet is a sexy mistress that has strong arms despite her petite frame as she shows off her skills as she puts her slave down on the mat and puts him in a sleeper hold combo and watches him struggle to get free. This sexy mistress has no problem wrapping her strong arms around his neck and choking him until his face turns red and he is begging for fresh air.

This sexy Latina mistress with long brunette hair loves to show off her skills on the mats as she takes her slave and pins him down on the floor. She sits on top of his back as he lays on his stomach and wraps her arms around his neck and she chokes him out with her strong arm muscles. Once he submits she then smothers his face with both her big tits and her round ass.

Mistress Robin is a sexy blonde mistress that takes her slave and puts him into a serious sleeper hold wrapping her strong arms around his neck and stopping the air from getting to his lungs. His face turns red and he is about to pass out from the lack of air but his mistress does not show him any mercy as she continues to choke him until he falls asleep.

Mistress Alina is a sexy blonde mistress with super strong arm muscles and a killer sleeper hold that is sure to take down anyone that is unlucky enough to get caught in her trap. She takes her big strong slave and has him is a super tight sleeper hold in just a matter of a few seconds using her arms to choke off all the air from entering his lungs until he passes out.

Steve is a slave that normally takes a brutal beating on the mats with his several powerful mistresses. Today he has decided to give a fight back and throws a rebellion. He takes his stand by pulling his mistresses hair and pulling her over to where he wants her. She then forces him to kiss his feet and once she does he puts her in a combo sleeper hold and full body scissors hold until she passes out.

This sexy blonde mistress is very serious as she gives her slave a beat down. Her slave Steve is quickly caught in a extra tight reverse head scissors hold with her sexy and powerful legs. She has no problem pinning him down very quickly and once he is down on the blue mats she has no problem keeping him there. This sexy mistress then finishes him off with a powerful sleeper hold until he passes out.

Mistress Goldie is a sexy brunette mistress with massive 34 E tits that she loves to show off as she dominates her slave by uses her strong arms. She starts out putting her slave in a variety of arm chokes and then finishes up with a sleeper hold. This sexy mistress has no problem choking her slave until his face turns bright red and he slowly losing his ability to breathe until he passes out.

Mistress Robin is a sexy blonde mistress with massive tits and strong arm muscles and she is ready to put anyone down who is in her way. He slave then makes her upset so she instantly puts her strong arms around his thick neck and puts him into a sleeper hold. She squeezes with her muscles and his face soon turns red. She keeps applying the pressure to his neck and before long he passes out.

Robin wraps herself around Steve from behind, hooking her ankles to squeeze his torso between her legs. She has him in a sleeper hold, and although he attempts to push away from her, all he can do is lie in her vicious embrace, unable to breathe. She flips on her back, then sits up, cradling his head by her breasts as he lies helpless on his side. She forces him onto his chest and continues strangling him until he passes out.

Big busty Dangerous Girl leans against Steve, who's trapped in a vicious choke hold. She has Steve seated in a chair, and he's unable to move forward or back. She leans forward, positioning herself behind him, and he starts to panic, unable to breathe. She leans down, using her other arm to tighten her grip. Steve can hear Dangerous Girl's breath in his ear. He struggles to free himself, but the lack of oxygen finally brings him down.

Sleek Asian Sleeper Beauty straddles her helpless playmate, locking him in an inescapable choke hold. She wrenches him back, his weight pressing down against his windpipe. She holds him still and his face begins to redden, his heart pumping faster as his he strains for air. She flips back down on his back. He has no choice but to follow. He lifts his arm in attempt to loosen her grip, to no avail. Helpless in her sleeper lock, he succumbs.

Mistress Megan is a sexy blonde babe with big muscles and superior wrestling skills. She takes her slave and puts him in a quick sleeper hold wrapping her arms around his neck and her legs around his waist and she grabs on firmly and holds until his face turns red and he taps out. She then quickly gets him in a hold again and gets his face bright red again until he is struggling to breathe.

Mistress Jennifer Thomas is on the wrestling mats and faces two men back to back and she gets both of them to tap out quickly. She gets the first man Duncan into a scissors hold with her legs and he taps out. She then gets Darrius into a sleeper hold with her strong legs and once he can not breathe he quickly taps out and is left laying limp on the mat.

This sexy blonde mistress uses a personal trainer to put her slave into different holds so that she knows that she is doing them correctly. This mistress starts out on the floor with her slave in her lap and she has her arms tightly locked around his neck in a sleeper hold. She then uses the held of her trainer to put him in a double hold until his face turns blue and he submits.

This sexy mistress wearing a black bikini over her tiny sexy body should not be underestimated as she quickly pins her slave Steve in a deadly combination hold. She has her legs wrapped around his body in a scissors hold and then has her arms around his neck and has him in a tight sleeper hold. The longer she holds his neck in the sleeper hold the more blue Steve's face turns.

Mistress Amber Deluca takes her slave Steve and teaches him a lesson about doing his chores. She quickly gets him onto the floor and puts him in a scissors hold around his body and then a sleeper hold around his neck. He struggles as much as he can but he can not break free from her 215 pounds of pure muscle. As his face turns red she finally loosens her grip and he is left limp on the floor.

Mistress Alina is a sexy babe with blonde hair and strong arms and her slave has gotten out of line and she is about to teach him a lesson. She grabs him from behind and quickly puts him into a sleeper hold and as his face turns red and he begs for air, she lets him go. Once he has his breath back she pins him again in a head lock and will not let him breath until she wants to.

Mistress Ashley takes on Steve on the mats and within a few moments she has him pined. She may be wearing a yellow bikini over her slender sexy body but do not let that fool you as she puts Steve in a sleeper hold and his face quickly starts to turn red. When she finally lets him go she then turns around and lays on top of him and smothers him with her pussy leaving him gasping for air.

Czech mistress takes her slave and makes him sit on the floor in front of the couch so that she could sit behind him and make him suffer for not doing what he was supposed to do. She wraps her arms around his neck in a tight sleeper hold that leaves him gasping for air. When his mistress will not loosen her grip his face turns red and after two minutes she lets go and he falls to the floor limps gasping for air.

This sexy mistress is wearing a white kimono as she gets on the mat with her slave and quickly gets him down to the floor and has his pinned between her legs and is smothering him with her pussy. After he taps out she quickly gets him into a scissors hold and chokes his neck with her legs leaving him gasping for air. Finally she puts him in a sleeper hold and holds him until his face turns red.

Mistress Shannon takes her slave Steve and pinks him down on the mat in just a few moments. The puts him in a sleeper hold and his face turns purple from the lack of air to his lungs and once she releases her firm grip he is left weak and limp on the floor gasping for air. She then puts him in a scissors hold and smothers him with her pussy.

Mistress Robin takes her slave and makes him sit on the floor in front of the couch so she can easily slip her arms around his neck and put him in an inverted sleeper hold. As she wraps her arms tighter around his neck you can see Steve struggling for his breath as she grasps him tighter. His face starts to turn bright red with each moment that passes from lack of air.

Mistress Nicole is wearing a red bikini over her slender sexy body but her looks can be misleading as she takes Steve down on the mat in a few moments pinning his face in her crotch using a scissors hold. After she smothers him with her pussy she puts him in a sleepers hold and chokes him until his face turns red and he is left limp on the mat gasping for air.

Mistress Ariel gets on the mats with Steve and they have a wrestling match where they batter over strength and skills to see who will be victorious. Before long Mistress Ariel has Steve in a scissors hold and her arms are around his neck and he is left gasping for air. She releases him and again she gets him in another scissors hold where his neck is between her legs and his face is turning red.

Mistress Amber takes her slave Steve down to the floor and instantly puts him into a choker hold and blocks his neck so that he can not breathe. She squeezes are hard as she can and then holds him until his face turns red. She continues to keep him smothered until he learns his lesson about behaving a being a good slave to his sexy mistress and then she lets him go and leaves him gasping for air.

Mistress Ashley takes her slave down on the mats as she punishes him with her mad wrestling skills. She gets on his back and holds his head in a headlock and cuts off the air to his lungs. The then puts him in a scissors hold and wraps her legs around his chest and puts his head in a sleeper hold and holds him until his face turns red.

This sexy mistress gets onto the mat with her slave and is about to teach him a lesson about listening and behaving. She quickly gets him to the floor and then pins him in a sleeper hold. She has her arms wrapped tightly around his neck and will not let him breathe and as he begs for air she tightens her grip until his face turns bright red from the lack of air.

Mistress Shannon is a strong and sexy woman that loves to use wrestling as a punishment when her slave misbehaves. She starts out pinning him in a standing head scissor hold and leaves him red in the face and gasping for air.She then puts him in a body scissors hold and has his entire body pinned and he can not get free as she puts him in a sleeper hold and makes his face turn red.

Mistress Gia Primo may fool you with her blue eyes as being a girly girl but when her slave tries to misbehave she quickly puts him into a sleeper hold and keeps him there until his face turns bright red and he begs for her mercy. She still not let up and when she finally does he falls to the floor limp and gasping for air and struggling to breathe.

Mistress Onyx enters the mats with Steve and the two of then start a semi-competitive wrestling match. The two of them start battling on the mats and the match is intense as they put each other in holds but as the match wears on it becomes clear that Onyx with her superior skills and great holds is going to be the winner. After she gets him in a hold and his face turns red he taps out and she wins!

Lady Melissa takes her slave and starts a wrestling match with him because he underestimates her skills. She quickly gets him into a hold and then wraps her arms around his neck and chokes him. She then tramples him and humiliates him with her skills and he is unable to fight back. She finally gets him in a sleeper hold and chokes him until his face turns bright red and he begs for mercy.

Jennifer Thomas is a toned and fit female wrestler and when she enter the ring with Steve she quickly pins him to the ground and holds him with her strength and skills. He taps out and she pins him over and over again with her strong scissors hold and even in a choke with her legs wrapped around his waist and holds him until his face turns red and he can not breath.

This Clip contains the best scenes shot of Kristina. See this sexy brunette Lady in action. See her choking her slave and head locking him. See her wrapping her muscular legs around his body to make him suffer and reduce his breathe and see her smiling while she hurts this poor guy! Kristina - the best of.

Miss Anne Hurricane sits on the couch behind her victim and wraps her arms around his neck. She chokes him and really makes him suffer. He struggles and he wants to refuse her but she keeps head locking him all the time with no chance to release. Then she begins to hand smother him and reduces his breathing.

This blonde Lady keeps an Asian Lady headlocked as she asks her for the money she's still owing her. The Asian Lady tells her that she currently cannot afford her. Too bad says the blonde lady and begins to increase the pressure around the Asian Ladies neck. She coughs and struggles and the blonde Lady begins to smile...

Mistress Kristina has her slave trapped between her strong amazon arms. She also put a belt around his chest and arms to make sure he won't be able to move or to escape once she starts with her choking session! She puts her arms around his neck and chokes him very hard - his face already turns red. Then she headlocks him and keeps him in this humiliating position...

Miss Kristina has fought against her slave. He asked her to get some holidays and she offered him a chance: If he would win a wrestling fight against her, he might get his holidays for one week, if he would lose she would make him suffer for hours and teach him to never ever ask her again for such a stupid privilege... Guess what happened?

Mistress Tatianna headlocks Steve in this clip. She keeps his head between her strong arms and there's no escape for him. She chokes him and begins to laugh as he coughs and tries to free himself. But instead of releasing him, she increases the pressure to hurt him much more...

Lady Jet is fighting against Steve in this one. Of course she made the battle and wrestled him down! Now she has grabbed him in between her arms and makes him shut up. She keeps him fixed and there's no way out for that poor guy as she chokes him very heavily...

Miss Kristina has her sexy long fingers wrapped around her victims windpipe. Steve's hands are tied together on his back and moving seems to be a problem for him - now he cannot speak at all as she laughs and smiles down at him very devilish...

Mistress Kristina loves holding her slaves with her strong arms right on their neck. That stuffs all the blood in their heads and makes them look so funny with their red faces. She enjoys increasing the pressure until their victims totally get out of breathe and power and faint...

It's so sweet being overwhelmed by a young and beautiful mistress. This girls is really brutal and makes her slave crazy- She tortures him by grabbing his head, choking him and punishing him in a very brutal way. He is much weaker than her and not able to move or resist her so he has to take it all...

Xana's boyfriend was not too happy as she told him her secret fetish: She loves to choke her friends and to torture them because of her sadistic core. But he agreed to let her choke her - maybe that was a fault. Xana immediately starts to choke her bound up victims throat and makes him cough and moan. She several times asks him if everything is still alright but it's more a rhetorical question since he isn't able to answer - what she definitely knows.

KO is the name of this young and sexy girl. After watching this clip you might understand why she is called KO. She wins the fight against her victim Steve and finishes him by punishing and torturing him. She chokes him with her full power and makes him obey. He isn't able to escape her and has to follow all of her instructions.

Kristina sits on a chair with her sexy fishnet pantyhose. Her slave kneels on the ground with his hands bound together on his back. She chokes him very hard until his head becomes red. She is in total control of him and laughs as he coughs to breathe - but she doesn't loses the grip and continues her cruel choking...

Mistress Tatianna sits on her bed while she has her victim headlocked. She is really powerful and keeps him locked between her strong arms really easily. There is no way out for him since this strong cutie enjoys seeing his face turn red!

Lina is sitting on her favorite red sofa while her slave sits on the ground with his back to her front. She chokes him by holding him between her arms. His head begins to turn red and he fidgets as he runs out of breath. She smiles and taunts him but shows no mercy...

While she sits on a comfortable sofa, she enjoys her power over her poor victim who is sitting down on the ground next to her feet. She chokes him with her arms and makes him cough. She smiles all the time she tortures him and really seems to enjoy him having this kind of trouble...

Xana wears a sexy bikini in this clip! She sits right behind her poor victim who was beaten by her. Now she can punish him like he deserves - or better like she thinks he deserves! She chokes him by putting her arms around his neck and pushing his windpipe against it until his head becomes red.

Lina has fought her victim and beat him. Now he must take the humiliating punishment. She decides to choke him a bit - so she gets behind him and clasps him while she keeps increasing her arm pressure to make his head become red. He is not able to escape or resist her so he has to take all the torture.

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