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Mistress Lilu did not like how this girl disrespected her man. Her man did not mind but she did. She had to do something about it so she went behind her man's back and fought the girl. She humiliated her by sleeper holding her and choking her with all her might. When she was done, she told her to never again mess with her man again if she wanted peace.

Steve is an athletic young man so he thought he could take Liz in a wrestling match easy, but he was wrong. This gorgeous blonde mistress completely dominates Steve like he was an amateur. She gets him in a deadly scissor hold and will not let go. Steve tries to get away but she clamps her legs harder and crushes his head and neck between her warm and sexy thighs.

Jennifer wants to become the best female wrestler there is. As a result, she practices a lot. And she does not practice with women. She practices with men so that they can give her a bigger challenge than the one she will meet. And she overpowers her practice partners with her sleeper holds, choking them in the process and making them surrender with her body scissor moves. She's on the right track.

Mistress Maria is a sexy blonde mistress wearing a sports bra and tiny panties as she shows off her strong muscles. She has her loser slave on the floor with her and then she uses him practice her strong sleeper holds. She wraps her strong arms firmly around his neck and gives him strong sleeper holds until his face turns red and he passes out. Mistress Maria does not show him any mercy as she chokes him over and over again.

Gia Primo has a grip and a fight in her which is rare to find a mistress. While wrestling with Steve, she headlocked him and choked him with a vice like grip. Not yet done, she scissor held him with her legs and then like an expert, held him in a tight head figure 4. He was red faced with humiliation, but could not do anything against this sexy wrestler.

Wow, this blonde wrestling beauty has a lot of power! The male thought he has a chance against her - but he was horrible wrong! The blonde power woman uses her whole body to let him suffer! She puts his head between her legs and squeezes him as much as possible. But to show him that he has no chance and that she can use him like a toy she also uses her hands and arms to choke him...!

Goldie has some huge tits and a nice round ass but she is a powerful girl as she dominates her male slave on the wrestling mat. She wears her black bra to support her big jugs as she crushes him underneath the full weight of her big sexy thighs. He is turned on by the sexy girl but also must try to fight her off but ultimately she wins out.

Ingrid is a very pretty blonde that loves to show her slave that she is the one and only, and she will never let a slave win wrestling. She has very strong legs and can hold her slave into the most painful positions. Ingrid is a very strong mistress babe that will make sure her slave never gets out of line again. She is too sexy for words.

Nikki Fierce is a pretty blonde with a very brutal streak about her. She is able to wrestle with almost anyone and really kick their ass. Nikki will wrestle with her slave and get him into a really fierce choke hold that has him begging her to stop. She is going to be so happy, and be laughing at him being tortured by her firm grip.

Cheyenne Jewel is a very sexy babe with a love for wrestling. She is able to grab a hold of her slave and really kick his ass. She is going to force him into pain positions such as a sleeper hold and lock his body down so he can't move even a little bit. Some of the positions are going to be very painful for her slave.

There are very few times that Amber's slaves will challenge her but when they do, they are shown how powerful she really is. She gets a new slave that doesn't understand why her other slaves do what she says. He decided not to lick her feet the way she trained him so she took her bra off and wrestled him to the couch. She put him in choke holds and figure fours. He learns not to step out of place again.

This gorgeous blonde takes full control and dominates the muscular slave with her sleeper hold move. She gets him from behind and wraps her right arm tightly around his neck and her left arm behind his neck so she can gain an advantage and knock him out cold with the sleeper hold technique. She dominates him and causes him to get red in the face from lack of oxygen

Mistress Ariel X is a sexy brunette mistress with super strong arms that loves to show off her domination skills as she puts her slave down on the mats and wraps her arms around his neck and puts him in a sleeper hold. This sexy mistress does not let up until his face turns red and he is begging for her to let him have some air and even then she does not stop.

Mistress Jet is a sexy mistress that has strong arms despite her petite frame as she shows off her skills as she puts her slave down on the mat and puts him in a sleeper hold combo and watches him struggle to get free. This sexy mistress has no problem wrapping her strong arms around his neck and choking him until his face turns red and he is begging for fresh air.

Mistress Robin is a sexy blonde mistress that takes her slave and puts him into a serious sleeper hold wrapping her strong arms around his neck and stopping the air from getting to his lungs. His face turns red and he is about to pass out from the lack of air but his mistress does not show him any mercy as she continues to choke him until he falls asleep.

Mistress Alina is a sexy blonde mistress with super strong arm muscles and a killer sleeper hold that is sure to take down anyone that is unlucky enough to get caught in her trap. She takes her big strong slave and has him is a super tight sleeper hold in just a matter of a few seconds using her arms to choke off all the air from entering his lungs until he passes out.

Steve the slave is about to pass out from the lack of oxygen from this sexy blonde female wrestler. She has her slave right where she wants him as she grips him in some tight head locks and scissor holds with her legs. She has him pinned around the neck making him red in the face and making it very hard for him to get in a breath of air

Robin wraps herself around Steve from behind, hooking her ankles to squeeze his torso between her legs. She has him in a sleeper hold, and although he attempts to push away from her, all he can do is lie in her vicious embrace, unable to breathe. She flips on her back, then sits up, cradling his head by her breasts as he lies helpless on his side. She forces him onto his chest and continues strangling him until he passes out.

Queen Jennifer pushes Steve's head down, wrenching his arm back and rendering him helpless. She grabs him by the hair to pull his head back, wrestling him into submission. She throws him to the ground as he gasps for breath, unable to shake off her grip. His face slowly turning purple, she snakes her arm tighter around his neck, squeezing him close against her hot body, until he finally passes out, his left arm held fast between her legs.

This sexy mistress is wearing a white kimono as she gets on the mat with her slave and quickly gets him down to the floor and has his pinned between her legs and is smothering him with her pussy. After he taps out she quickly gets him into a scissors hold and chokes his neck with her legs leaving him gasping for air. Finally she puts him in a sleeper hold and holds him until his face turns red.

Mistress Amber takes her slave Steve down to the floor and instantly puts him into a choker hold and blocks his neck so that he can not breathe. She squeezes are hard as she can and then holds him until his face turns red. She continues to keep him smothered until he learns his lesson about behaving a being a good slave to his sexy mistress and then she lets him go and leaves him gasping for air.

This sexy mistress gets onto the mat with her slave and is about to teach him a lesson about listening and behaving. She quickly gets him to the floor and then pins him in a sleeper hold. She has her arms wrapped tightly around his neck and will not let him breathe and as he begs for air she tightens her grip until his face turns bright red from the lack of air.

Sexy Mistress Xana has caught a poor pathetic weakling who was cheating on her sister. Now it's time to punish him in the name of her family. She chokes him, beats him and taunts him - he cannot resist her because she is much stronger than him. His face begins to turn red and there is no way out of this deadly headlock...

Mistress Xana is a very strong, beautiful and merciless tall amazon. In this clip she has fought a poor guy down on his knees and starts to choke him from behind. He cannot move and even not free himself since this mistress is much too strong for him. He takes all the punishing humiliation...

Mistress KO has got a new toy to play with. This guy was beaten by her and now she wants to play with him and humiliate him for being beaten up by a girl. She chokes him and headlocks him and laughs at him as his face turns red the more she chokes. He coughs and cannot free himself.

Mistress Ashley chokes her slave who sits on a mat in front of the sofa. She headlocks him and makes his face become red. She visibly enjoys his suffering and last attempts to free himself. It's hopeless for him - she is much stronger than him and there is no escape.

Mistress Jet has won the fight against her slave. Now she headlocked him and made him stop fighting her by increasing the pressure and power in her deadly headlock. She smiles and laughs as he starts to cough but she is really cruel and doesn't think about letting him free in any way.

Mistress Tatianna headlocks Steve in this clip. She keeps his head between her strong arms and there's no escape for him. She chokes him and begins to laugh as he coughs and tries to free himself. But instead of releasing him, she increases the pressure to hurt him much more...

Mistress Liz fights against her male opponent. The winner will be worshipped by the other one for one day - that's the deal. Who could know that this little bitch is that strong?! Now she gets him on the ground and the fight is over - his punishment starts immediately. First she chokes him, then she leg scissors him and later she headlocks him...

Miss Valentine enjoys to choke her victim who's sitting on the ground next to her. She wears her favorite, red sexy bikini and chokes her slave with both of her strong arms. He tries to fight her but its forlorn - there is no way out for him...

Lady Jet is fighting against Steve in this one. Of course she made the battle and wrestled him down! Now she has grabbed him in between her arms and makes him shut up. She keeps him fixed and there's no way out for that poor guy as she chokes him very heavily...

Those sexy blondes are twins and called Liz and Robin. Both girls are wearing nice strings and they are all up to choke that poor guy you can see in the middle right between them. He is smothered by their tits while the other girl is choking him from behind - he cannot do anything at all but taking all this punishment...

Mistress Kristina sits on her sofa while her slave sits in front of her. She has won the fight so she can decide how to torture him. She puts her arms on his neck and chokes him really heavily. He cannot move or free himself since this woman is a real amazon and her strength is amazing...

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