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Jennifer wants to become the best female wrestler there is. As a result, she practices a lot. And she does not practice with women. She practices with men so that they can give her a bigger challenge than the one she will meet. And she overpowers her practice partners with her sleeper holds, choking them in the process and making them surrender with her body scissor moves. She's on the right track.

Ingrid is a very pretty blonde that loves to show her slave that she is the one and only, and she will never let a slave win wrestling. She has very strong legs and can hold her slave into the most painful positions. Ingrid is a very strong mistress babe that will make sure her slave never gets out of line again. She is too sexy for words.

Nikki Fierce is a pretty blonde with a very brutal streak about her. She is able to wrestle with almost anyone and really kick their ass. Nikki will wrestle with her slave and get him into a really fierce choke hold that has him begging her to stop. She is going to be so happy, and be laughing at him being tortured by her firm grip.

Cheyenne Jewel is a very sexy babe with a love for wrestling. She is able to grab a hold of her slave and really kick his ass. She is going to force him into pain positions such as a sleeper hold and lock his body down so he can't move even a little bit. Some of the positions are going to be very painful for her slave.

Miss Kristina has her sexy long fingers wrapped around her victims windpipe. Steve's hands are tied together on his back and moving seems to be a problem for him - now he cannot speak at all as she laughs and smiles down at him very devilish...

Mistress Lady Naughty is much stronger than her roommate probably thought. They both had a little fought, she won and now she tortures him. His hands have been cuffed on his back to give her much space to torture and hurt him. Next she chokes him and laughs as his head turns red by pushing his windpipe...

Miss Lady Amrita is in her element. She keeps the bound slave in position and hand smothers him. He cannot move or resist her since he is bound and nearly motionless delivered - but she enjoys his current situation and keeps continuing her evil torture. She is slightly amused and smiles as she takes away his breath...

Xana's boyfriend was not too happy as she told him her secret fetish: She loves to choke her friends and to torture them because of her sadistic core. But he agreed to let her choke her - maybe that was a fault. Xana immediately starts to choke her bound up victims throat and makes him cough and moan. She several times asks him if everything is still alright but it's more a rhetorical question since he isn't able to answer - what she definitely knows.

KO is the name of this young and sexy girl. After watching this clip you might understand why she is called KO. She wins the fight against her victim Steve and finishes him by punishing and torturing him. She chokes him with her full power and makes him obey. He isn't able to escape her and has to follow all of her instructions.

Kristina sits on a chair with her sexy fishnet pantyhose. Her slave kneels on the ground with his hands bound together on his back. She chokes him very hard until his head becomes red. She is in total control of him and laughs as he coughs to breathe - but she doesn't loses the grip and continues her cruel choking...

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