Sleeper Hold Girls

Strong sleeper hold girls distressing weak males

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Slaves are known for being very pathetic and most of the time ultimate losers. It is always very using to find a slave that is willing to wrestle with a mistress, because he has no idea that he is going to end up injured. A mistress is going to take her time with the slave, because she is going to put him in a choker hold while she is wrestling with him.

Sexy Francesca with her big juicy tits dominates her slave on the wrestling mats putting him to sleep with the sleeper hold. Francesca performs a lot of wrestling moves on him including choking him under her thigh , smothering and giving him a leg scissor. She rides his face with her thighs covering his face turning his face a deep red. Francesca finishes him off on the mat with sleeper hold.

Asian girl Amrita is a tough girl on the wrestling mat as she dominates her male slave performing all types of moves to kncok him into submission. She gives him the Head-scissor , sleeper-hold strangle , painful arm-bar and ju-jitsu arm-bar to name a few ultimately knocking her male slave out of submission and onto the mats. The sexy Amrita is wearing her black bra and panties in the ring.

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