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Strong sleeper hold girls distressing weak males

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Steve the slave starts off good against the sexy blonde, Robin but ultimately she wins out, fighting back to make her male slave submit on the mats. She gives him a variety of effective holds including the arm bar and sleeper hold. He has more strength than her but her techniques are flawless and she is able to overpower Steve with her refined moves on the mat.

Kristal has dominated the wrestling matches with Robin for a long time but the hot blonde has finally gotten her revenge as she puts the naked big titted girl to sleep with a surprise sleeper hold technique. Dressed in black and red lingerie outfit, Robin grabs Kristal from behind the neck and takes control of the naked girl as she puts her to sleep with a tough choke hold

Those sexy blondes are twins and called Liz and Robin. Both girls are wearing nice strings and they are all up to choke that poor guy you can see in the middle right between them. He is smothered by their tits while the other girl is choking him from behind - he cannot do anything at all but taking all this punishment...

Mistress Lady Robin wears her swimsuit in this one. She looks really sexy as she wins the fight against her poor weak victim who is laying on the ground and helplessly delivered to her mercy and trapped between her strong long legs. There's no way out!

Robin has one of her victims bound up! He kneels on the ground next to her feet as she sits behind him on a sofa locking his head between her strong muscular arms. She also smothers his mouth and nose and enjoys her power over this silly weakling! No way out for him and no escape - he has to take the full punishment...

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