Sleeper Hold Girls

Strong sleeper hold girls distressing weak males

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The funny about Steve is the fact that he thinks he might be able to deal with wrestling from a girl. He has no idea that he is going to be wrestling a very strong woman that knows how to wrestle professionally. She is going to dominate him in every single way, and show him that he is nothing more than a pathetic loser. She is going to make him pay.

Tough wrestling chick Jennifer gets full control of her male slave as she beats him up on the wrestling mat taking him down with several neck crushing maneuvers. She gets her slave in a head lock and vice grip with both her arms and legs until he is red in the face and succumbs to her advantage. She ends up pining him on the bed with a sleeper hold technique

She loves to power and the total control over her beaten victims! In this clip she enjoys his poor attempts to breathe while she hand smothers him and watches him as he becomes panic. But there is no way out for him since his hands are bound behind his back so he has to take all of the humiliating punishment.

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