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Mistresses Sarah and Xana are competitive girls and today they were promised some money if they won. The winner was to win most of it but there were also bragging rights at stake. They fought hard and choked each other painfully. They sleeper held, choke held and scissor held each other. It was hard separating them and they fought to the bitter end and they had to settle for a draw.

Manu and Carina could not agree who between them was stronger than the other. So they resorted to fight and find out who was stronger. They wrestled hard and choked each other using their martial arts and wrestling skills. The mistresses were both strong and none wanted to lose to the other so there was a lot of smothering, headlocking as well as sleeper holding before finally mistress Carina managed to win narrowly.

Lady Xifeng was not happy with her boyfriend for having a wandering eye. She had to make it stop so she punished him. He had never faced consequences for it before with any of his former girlfriends. But she was not one to settle for less and she punished him cruelly. She choked him between her thighs and made sure he cried and begged for mercy promising not to do it again.

Nikki Jackson is a gorgeous and sexy girl. And with her gorgeous smile, it is easy to dismiss her as a cute cookie without much else. But if you happen to mess with her, you will regret the day you were born. She wrestles with men and beats them hands down. She can headlock you and hold you in a vice like grip that you will beg and plead to be released.

There are just some women that shouldn't be angered. This brunette mistress is one of those people. As soon as she hears her slave talking when he isn't supposed to, she takes him into the gym. They wrestle but he is quickly caught with his hands behind his back. She twists his neck because he doesn't seem to care. As he gets put into a choke hold, he begins to care. He is turning red from lack of air but he agrees to be good.

There's just something arousing about witnessing a hot chick struggling to breathe. Whether she's choking on a fat cock and trying desperately to get oxygen into her lungs, or if she's being deprived of that precious O2 via sleeper hold, it's just a great thing to witness. Watch in delight as this blonde's big, perky tits swell with every attempt she makes to fill her lungs with air. But this ebony beauty wont allow it; this is one hell of a sleeper hold!

Big busty Dangerous Girl leans against Steve, who's trapped in a vicious choke hold. She has Steve seated in a chair, and he's unable to move forward or back. She leans forward, positioning herself behind him, and he starts to panic, unable to breathe. She leans down, using her other arm to tighten her grip. Steve can hear Dangerous Girl's breath in his ear. He struggles to free himself, but the lack of oxygen finally brings him down.

Liz has Steve on the floor, using her legs to force his arms away from his body while she tightens her grip around his throat. He gasps for air, unable to get a full breath, and she wrestles him down to the floor. He grasps at her elbows, trying fruitlessly to release himself, but she tightens her grip further. Steve's vision blurs, his head swims, and she lifts up on her knees, choking him purple.

Lady Anne and her slave are having so much fun - or maybe just one of them? Well She is laughing all the time as she bends over to push her hands right on his mouth and nose. She pulls a leash she has put around his neck to keep him in position and he cannot do anything at all because his hands are bound on his back...

She loves to power and the total control over her beaten victims! In this clip she enjoys his poor attempts to breathe while she hand smothers him and watches him as he becomes panic. But there is no way out for him since his hands are bound behind his back so he has to take all of the humiliating punishment.

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