Sleeper Hold Girls

Strong sleeper hold girls distressing weak males

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Lady Xifeng was not happy with her boyfriend for having a wandering eye. She had to make it stop so she punished him. He had never faced consequences for it before with any of his former girlfriends. But she was not one to settle for less and she punished him cruelly. She choked him between her thighs and made sure he cried and begged for mercy promising not to do it again.

When she gets word that she will be able to train other mistresses in how to wrestle with their slaves, she is really happy. She grabs her strongest slave and takes him to the mat. She enjoys practicing her different moves on him. She loves putting her ass in his face. She also loves choking him until he is red in the face and he has started to lose consciousness.

Lady Xana sits behind her weak slave. He has lost a bet and now it's time to punish him! First she hand smothers him and reduces his breathings. Then she continues to hurt him by head locking and choking him. His head already turned deep red but she didn't care, she just wants to humiliate him much more...

Mistress Kristina is having her slaves head between her muscular arms. She is so much stronger than him and there is no chance for him to escape her while she keeps him headlocked like this. His head is already getting red like a tomato - but Miss Kristina is just smiling and laughing about this pathetic faggot...

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