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Strong sleeper hold girls distressing weak males

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There's just something arousing about witnessing a hot chick struggling to breathe. Whether she's choking on a fat cock and trying desperately to get oxygen into her lungs, or if she's being deprived of that precious O2 via sleeper hold, it's just a great thing to witness. Watch in delight as this blonde's big, perky tits swell with every attempt she makes to fill her lungs with air. But this ebony beauty wont allow it; this is one hell of a sleeper hold!

Mistress Tatianna headlocks Steve in this clip. She keeps his head between her strong arms and there's no escape for him. She chokes him and begins to laugh as he coughs and tries to free himself. But instead of releasing him, she increases the pressure to hurt him much more...

Mistress Tatianna sits on her bed while she has her victim headlocked. She is really powerful and keeps him locked between her strong arms really easily. There is no way out for him since this strong cutie enjoys seeing his face turn red!

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