Sleeper Hold Girls

Strong sleeper hold girls distressing weak males

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Sexy Mistress Xana has caught a poor pathetic weakling who was cheating on her sister. Now it's time to punish him in the name of her family. She chokes him, beats him and taunts him - he cannot resist her because she is much stronger than him. His face begins to turn red and there is no way out of this deadly headlock...

Mistress Xana is a very strong, beautiful and merciless tall amazon. In this clip she has fought a poor guy down on his knees and starts to choke him from behind. He cannot move and even not free himself since this mistress is much too strong for him. He takes all the punishing humiliation...

Mistress Ashley chokes her slave who sits on a mat in front of the sofa. She headlocks him and makes his face become red. She visibly enjoys his suffering and last attempts to free himself. It's hopeless for him - she is much stronger than him and there is no escape.

This special clip contains scenes from the video "Flexible Dominance". You can see the blonde sexy mistress keeping her slaves head trapped between her arms, choking him really heavily and making him obey her. He cannot escape and has to take all the punishment...

Mistress Tatianna sits on her bed while she has her victim headlocked. She is really powerful and keeps him locked between her strong arms really easily. There is no way out for him since this strong cutie enjoys seeing his face turn red!

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