Sleeper Hold Girls

Strong sleeper hold girls distressing weak males

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Queen Jennifer pushes Steve's head down, wrenching his arm back and rendering him helpless. She grabs him by the hair to pull his head back, wrestling him into submission. She throws him to the ground as he gasps for breath, unable to shake off her grip. His face slowly turning purple, she snakes her arm tighter around his neck, squeezing him close against her hot body, until he finally passes out, his left arm held fast between her legs.

This special clip contains scenes from the video "Flexible Dominance". You can see the blonde sexy mistress keeping her slaves head trapped between her arms, choking him really heavily and making him obey her. He cannot escape and has to take all the punishment...

Xana wears a sexy bikini in this clip! She sits right behind her poor victim who was beaten by her. Now she can punish him like he deserves - or better like she thinks he deserves! She chokes him by putting her arms around his neck and pushing his windpipe against it until his head becomes red.

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