Sleeper Hold Girls

Strong sleeper hold girls distressing weak males

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This hot girl has the strength and experience to dominate almost any man on the wrestling mat. This guy thought that he could easily beat her because she is a woman, but he had another thing coming. Once she slips behind him, she gets him in a hold that he could never escape from. She wraps him up in a figure 4 leg lock and squeezes until he starts to choke.

Mistress Ashley chokes her slave who sits on a mat in front of the sofa. She headlocks him and makes his face become red. She visibly enjoys his suffering and last attempts to free himself. It's hopeless for him - she is much stronger than him and there is no escape.

Xana wears a sexy bikini in this clip! She sits right behind her poor victim who was beaten by her. Now she can punish him like he deserves - or better like she thinks he deserves! She chokes him by putting her arms around his neck and pushing his windpipe against it until his head becomes red.

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