Sleeper Hold Girls

Strong sleeper hold girls distressing weak males

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Mistress Jennifer did not like how much of a disruptive influence this guy was at her gym. He thought he was stronger and better than everybody else and he misbehaved. She was pissed as he was affecting her other customers but instead of chasing him away, she taught him a lesson. She asked him for a public match and she choked him using her sleeper hold, head lock and strangle holds till he begged for mercy and he was silenced for good.

When Hellen decides that she wants to play with her slave, she treats him to his favorite drink. She puts a blindfold on him and takes him by surprise. She starts to wrestle with him, practicing different positions with him. She sits on his head and then she starts to practice scissor holds and head locks. She knows that he can't do much to stop her so she wrestles him until she is tired.

This jerk needs to be taught a lesson. The tough and tattooed Nikki Fierce grabs her rope and goes to work. First she locks him up in a choke hold and pins him down to the mat. Once he can barely breathe, she ties him up and claims him as her slave.

Liz has Steve on the floor, using her legs to force his arms away from his body while she tightens her grip around his throat. He gasps for air, unable to get a full breath, and she wrestles him down to the floor. He grasps at her elbows, trying fruitlessly to release himself, but she tightens her grip further. Steve's vision blurs, his head swims, and she lifts up on her knees, choking him purple.

This Clip contains the best scenes shot of Kristina. See this sexy brunette Lady in action. See her choking her slave and head locking him. See her wrapping her muscular legs around his body to make him suffer and reduce his breathe and see her smiling while she hurts this poor guy! Kristina - the best of.

Lady Jet fights against Steve and wins the fight. Her deadly grip was just too much for him! Now she's got him headlocked and chokes him with her full power! He looks weak and doesn't really have a chance to stop her hurting him. She smiles as she notices that he has given up but that's not a basement for her to stop.

Mistress Amrita's slave is bound up and totally delivered to her mercy. She headlocks him with her strong arms and enjoys his pathetic tries to resist and refuse her! But he fails - Amrita is much stronger than him and this devilish Mistress knows how to torture someone most efficient...

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