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Queen Jennifer pushes Steve's head down, wrenching his arm back and rendering him helpless. She grabs him by the hair to pull his head back, wrestling him into submission. She throws him to the ground as he gasps for breath, unable to shake off her grip. His face slowly turning purple, she snakes her arm tighter around his neck, squeezing him close against her hot body, until he finally passes out, his left arm held fast between her legs.

Mistress Megan is a sexy blonde babe with big muscles and superior wrestling skills. She takes her slave and puts him in a quick sleeper hold wrapping her arms around his neck and her legs around his waist and she grabs on firmly and holds until his face turns red and he taps out. She then quickly gets him in a hold again and gets his face bright red again until he is struggling to breathe.

Czech mistress takes her slave and makes him sit on the floor in front of the couch so that she could sit behind him and make him suffer for not doing what he was supposed to do. She wraps her arms around his neck in a tight sleeper hold that leaves him gasping for air. When his mistress will not loosen her grip his face turns red and after two minutes she lets go and he falls to the floor limps gasping for air.

This Clip contains the best scenes shot of Kristina. See this sexy brunette Lady in action. See her choking her slave and head locking him. See her wrapping her muscular legs around his body to make him suffer and reduce his breathe and see her smiling while she hurts this poor guy! Kristina - the best of.

Goddess Mercedes has trapped Steve's neck in a dangerous sleeper hold and pins his arms down with her powerful legs. He has no chance to escape this dangerous beauty - will she make him go to sleep?

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