Sleeper Hold Girls

Strong sleeper hold girls distressing weak males

This sexy blonde mistress is very serious as she gives her slave a beat down. Her slave Steve is quickly caught in a extra tight reverse head scissors hold with her sexy and powerful legs. She has no problem pinning him down very quickly and once he is down on the blue mats she has no problem keeping him there. This sexy mistress then finishes him off with a powerful sleeper hold until he passes out.

Mistress Goldie is a sexy brunette mistress with massive 34 E tits that she loves to show off as she dominates her slave by uses her strong arms. She starts out putting her slave in a variety of arm chokes and then finishes up with a sleeper hold. This sexy mistress has no problem choking her slave until his face turns bright red and he slowly losing his ability to breathe until he passes out.

Mistress Robin is a sexy blonde mistress with massive tits and strong arm muscles and she is ready to put anyone down who is in her way. He slave then makes her upset so she instantly puts her strong arms around his thick neck and puts him into a sleeper hold. She squeezes with her muscles and his face soon turns red. She keeps applying the pressure to his neck and before long he passes out.

Steve the slave thought he could take on two women with no problems on the mat. He was in for a surprise as he gets overwhelmed by the strength and dexterity of the two sexy victims. Sexy Liz with her dyed pink hair and pink thong underwear takes him down in a multiple of positions including the choke hold, scissor hold and reverse head lock. It is too much for Steve

The slave Steve has bit off more then he can chew as he gets locked down by this erotic Asian female wrestler. She applies some painful holds on him around his neck with the sleeper hold with her arms and a tight scissor hold with her legs. She wraps her thick legs around his neck cutting off his air and also squats her nice ass right into his face

Steve the slave is about to pass out from the lack of oxygen from this sexy blonde female wrestler. She has her slave right where she wants him as she grips him in some tight head locks and scissor holds with her legs. She has him pinned around the neck making him red in the face and making it very hard for him to get in a breath of air

This sexy blonde nude chick has got her male slave in a total head lock and sleeper hold position. She has a tight grasp over his neck with her forearm and he is getting red in the face from the lack of oxygen. The sleeper hold technique is one of her patented moves in the wrestling erotica. She has his arms pinned and trapped with her legs so she give the sleeper

Once again, steve gains pleasure from not being able to breathe. In this clip, he gets choked so badly and so forcefully that his face turns purple; a clear sign that his brain is not getting enough oxygen. Ashley effectively does this with a text book sleeper hold, mixed with a body scissor. After doing this type of thing so many times, it makes you wonder how long he can keep this up without suffering from permanent brain damage!

There's just something arousing about witnessing a hot chick struggling to breathe. Whether she's choking on a fat cock and trying desperately to get oxygen into her lungs, or if she's being deprived of that precious O2 via sleeper hold, it's just a great thing to witness. Watch in delight as this blonde's big, perky tits swell with every attempt she makes to fill her lungs with air. But this ebony beauty wont allow it; this is one hell of a sleeper hold!

Sleeper hold slave, Steve, likes it when his mistresses deprive him of oxygen for extended periods of time. Imagine being a proud man, and getting choked out for two minutes straight by a female! What humiliation! But for whatever reason, Steve enjoys it. He craves the lack of oxygen administered so proficiently by Onyx, his dominatrix. She locks it in properly and makes sure he suffers. This chick really knows how to throw a sleeper hold!

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