Sleeper Hold Girls

Strong sleeper hold girls distressing weak males

Mistress Gia Primo may fool you with her blue eyes as being a girly girl but when her slave tries to misbehave she quickly puts him into a sleeper hold and keeps him there until his face turns bright red and he begs for her mercy. She still not let up and when she finally does he falls to the floor limp and gasping for air and struggling to breathe.

Mistress Onyx enters the mats with Steve and the two of then start a semi-competitive wrestling match. The two of them start battling on the mats and the match is intense as they put each other in holds but as the match wears on it becomes clear that Onyx with her superior skills and great holds is going to be the winner. After she gets him in a hold and his face turns red he taps out and she wins!

Lady Melissa takes her slave and starts a wrestling match with him because he underestimates her skills. She quickly gets him into a hold and then wraps her arms around his neck and chokes him. She then tramples him and humiliates him with her skills and he is unable to fight back. She finally gets him in a sleeper hold and chokes him until his face turns bright red and he begs for mercy.

Jennifer Thomas is a toned and fit female wrestler and when she enter the ring with Steve she quickly pins him to the ground and holds him with her strength and skills. He taps out and she pins him over and over again with her strong scissors hold and even in a choke with her legs wrapped around his waist and holds him until his face turns red and he can not breath.

Oh Lady Kristina absolutely loves it! She loves how her slaves faces look when she violently makes them kneel down and chokes them between her muscular strong arms. His breathe is suddenly gone as she increases the pressure to his neck. He wants to cough but isn't able to because the headlocks him that tight that his face already turned red...

This sexy and cute looking blonde girl isn't as half as angel like as she looks! She is a pure little devil as you can see in this clip. This guy just wanted to date her and now he is paying by being choked and beaten. She also headlocks him and makes him do humiliating things just to show his submissiveness...

Mistress Onyx makes this pathetic loser become her slave! She fought him and won the fight. Now he has to submit to be her slave but he refuses. So she forces him to accept his further destiny by headlocking him and choking him. She asks again if he agrees to be her slave and he coughs "Y-ees..." and makes her laugh devilish...

This Clip contains the best scenes shot of Kristina. See this sexy brunette Lady in action. See her choking her slave and head locking him. See her wrapping her muscular legs around his body to make him suffer and reduce his breathe and see her smiling while she hurts this poor guy! Kristina - the best of.

Lady Jet fights against Steve and wins the fight. Her deadly grip was just too much for him! Now she's got him headlocked and chokes him with her full power! He looks weak and doesn't really have a chance to stop her hurting him. She smiles as she notices that he has given up but that's not a basement for her to stop.

Mistress Ambers has won the fight against Steve. Now she can punish and humiliate him as she wants to. The first thing she does is wrapping her strong arms around his neck to choke him and make him suffer. He coughs and his face gets red but she just smiles and increases the pressure a bit more to hurt him...

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