Sleeper Hold Girls

Strong sleeper hold girls distressing weak males

Robin wraps herself around Steve from behind, hooking her ankles to squeeze his torso between her legs. She has him in a sleeper hold, and although he attempts to push away from her, all he can do is lie in her vicious embrace, unable to breathe. She flips on her back, then sits up, cradling his head by her breasts as he lies helpless on his side. She forces him onto his chest and continues strangling him until he passes out.

Big busty Dangerous Girl leans against Steve, who's trapped in a vicious choke hold. She has Steve seated in a chair, and he's unable to move forward or back. She leans forward, positioning herself behind him, and he starts to panic, unable to breathe. She leans down, using her other arm to tighten her grip. Steve can hear Dangerous Girl's breath in his ear. He struggles to free himself, but the lack of oxygen finally brings him down.

Liz has Steve on the floor, using her legs to force his arms away from his body while she tightens her grip around his throat. He gasps for air, unable to get a full breath, and she wrestles him down to the floor. He grasps at her elbows, trying fruitlessly to release himself, but she tightens her grip further. Steve's vision blurs, his head swims, and she lifts up on her knees, choking him purple.

Sleek Asian Sleeper Beauty straddles her helpless playmate, locking him in an inescapable choke hold. She wrenches him back, his weight pressing down against his windpipe. She holds him still and his face begins to redden, his heart pumping faster as his he strains for air. She flips back down on his back. He has no choice but to follow. He lifts his arm in attempt to loosen her grip, to no avail. Helpless in her sleeper lock, he succumbs.

Queen Jennifer pushes Steve's head down, wrenching his arm back and rendering him helpless. She grabs him by the hair to pull his head back, wrestling him into submission. She throws him to the ground as he gasps for breath, unable to shake off her grip. His face slowly turning purple, she snakes her arm tighter around his neck, squeezing him close against her hot body, until he finally passes out, his left arm held fast between her legs.

Mistress Megan is a sexy blonde babe with big muscles and superior wrestling skills. She takes her slave and puts him in a quick sleeper hold wrapping her arms around his neck and her legs around his waist and she grabs on firmly and holds until his face turns red and he taps out. She then quickly gets him in a hold again and gets his face bright red again until he is struggling to breathe.

Mistress Jennifer Thomas is on the wrestling mats and faces two men back to back and she gets both of them to tap out quickly. She gets the first man Duncan into a scissors hold with her legs and he taps out. She then gets Darrius into a sleeper hold with her strong legs and once he can not breathe he quickly taps out and is left laying limp on the mat.

This sexy blonde mistress uses a personal trainer to put her slave into different holds so that she knows that she is doing them correctly. This mistress starts out on the floor with her slave in her lap and she has her arms tightly locked around his neck in a sleeper hold. She then uses the held of her trainer to put him in a double hold until his face turns blue and he submits.

This sexy mistress wearing a black bikini over her tiny sexy body should not be underestimated as she quickly pins her slave Steve in a deadly combination hold. She has her legs wrapped around his body in a scissors hold and then has her arms around his neck and has him in a tight sleeper hold. The longer she holds his neck in the sleeper hold the more blue Steve's face turns.

Mistress Amber Deluca takes her slave Steve and teaches him a lesson about doing his chores. She quickly gets him onto the floor and puts him in a scissors hold around his body and then a sleeper hold around his neck. He struggles as much as he can but he can not break free from her 215 pounds of pure muscle. As his face turns red she finally loosens her grip and he is left limp on the floor.

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