Sleeper Hold Girls

Strong sleeper hold girls distressing weak males

Mistress Tatianna sits on her bed while she has her victim headlocked. She is really powerful and keeps him locked between her strong arms really easily. There is no way out for him since this strong cutie enjoys seeing his face turn red!

Lina is sitting on her favorite red sofa while her slave sits on the ground with his back to her front. She chokes him by holding him between her arms. His head begins to turn red and he fidgets as he runs out of breath. She smiles and taunts him but shows no mercy...

Kristina wears a black skirt-top-combo with black nylons and sexy high heels in this clip. She kneels on her slaves womb while she presses her soft bare hands right on his mouth and nose to smother him. Later she changes the position to choke him! He cannot escape and she enjoys having him under her control.

While she sits on a comfortable sofa, she enjoys her power over her poor victim who is sitting down on the ground next to her feet. She chokes him with her arms and makes him cough. She smiles all the time she tortures him and really seems to enjoy him having this kind of trouble...

Kristina surprised someone who was trying to get entrance into her flat! She fought him and beat him down - now she has all the time she wants to punish and torture him to teach him a lesson. First she steps behind him and chokes him with her full power. His head becomes red and the sound he makes while trying to breath is kinda funny for her so she laughs at him and taunts him...

She loves to power and the total control over her beaten victims! In this clip she enjoys his poor attempts to breathe while she hand smothers him and watches him as he becomes panic. But there is no way out for him since his hands are bound behind his back so he has to take all of the humiliating punishment.

Xana wears a sexy bikini in this clip! She sits right behind her poor victim who was beaten by her. Now she can punish him like he deserves - or better like she thinks he deserves! She chokes him by putting her arms around his neck and pushing his windpipe against it until his head becomes red.

Lina has fought her victim and beat him. Now he must take the humiliating punishment. She decides to choke him a bit - so she gets behind him and clasps him while she keeps increasing her arm pressure to make his head become red. He is not able to escape or resist her so he has to take all the torture.

Goddess Mercedes has trapped Steve's neck in a dangerous sleeper hold and pins his arms down with her powerful legs. He has no chance to escape this dangerous beauty - will she make him go to sleep?

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